SHARK IPTV  is a trusted provider of Internet TV services to customers around the globe. We believe in saving people money with our affordable subscription packages. Now you can help save people money by recommending SHARK IPTV to your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone!

Don’t worry, there’s something in it for you too! The more new signups for 12 months, you can get for us, you will earn 1 month FREE IPTV! to your line. It’s that simple and there’s no cost to get started. If you are a SHARK IPTV customer, you’re already eligible to earn referral credits and add a period to your line.

You don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. Popular! All you need is a referral for 12 monthly subscriptions to SHARK IPTV to earn a free month of IPTV!

Using Your Username or order number

An easy way to get referrals is to simply have the person that you are referring to Shark IPTV and must order 12 months, is asking your new customers to enter your username or order number, into the referral box during the order process. When the new customer starts the order process, they will be asked if they were referred by anyone, at which point they can enter your username or order number .Because referral credits can only be earned on new signups, the referral box will only show up if the customer selects that they are a new customer. If they select that they are a renewing customer, the referral option will not display.The name entered in the referral box must match the usename on your own SHARK IPTV account. Incorrect names will not match our system and no referral credit will be earned for that transaction. If you aren’t sure what name you used on your SHARK IPTV , email us and tell us the phone number or email address linked to your account. 

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We informe you that our whatsapp support number is changed to +447308517965 the old one isnt longer working .

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